The Oaks Plantation House

Historic Penn Center

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Built by African slave labor in 1855, "Brick" is the oldest Baptist church on St. Helena Island, South Carolina.

Tombee Plantation is one of 55 plantations that  still maintains it's natural beauty and picturesque scenery on the pristine Sea Island of  St. Helena Island, South Carolina.

Built about 1850, the Oaks Plantation was used for the growing of the Sea Island cotton and other major crops during the Slave Trade.

Marsh View of Tombee Plantation

The Praise  House

Gullah-N-Geechie Mahn Tours

Established by Abolitionists in 1862, the former Penn School was the first school in  the South to educate "newly freed" slaves.

The Brick Baptist Church

The Chapel of Ease

Built on the grounds of the plantations, these were small slave dwellings that were used for places of worship for the slaves.

This was an Episcopal church that was built entirely of oyster shells, which is known today as "tabby."